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Dr Steven Lin’s book is instrumental in shifting our perspective to complete bodily health and getting to the root cause of disease. No longer will we see our teeth and oral health as merely comprising a warning system for issues with the rest of the body. Instead we will recognize that our teeth and oral health are functional and essential contributors to our overall wellness. The Dental Diet is the first and best guide to helping us understand the mechanisms of oral diseases such as tooth decay, gum disease, and crooked teeth and their effect on our overall health.

Mark Hyman, MD Ten-time #1 New York Times best-seller and author of the forward to The Dental Diet

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"The Inside Story of Enjoying Good Food and Great Health"

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Super accessible and packed with research."

"The Dental Diet" is way more than just a diet book"

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"Plaque on Teeth = Plaque in Arteries EXPLAINED"

"Putting functional mouth-body health center-stage where it belongs!"

"This is a must read for anyone struggling with their teeth or sleep/breathing for that matter!"

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About Dr. Steven Lin

Dr. Steven Lin is a board-accredited dentist, TEDx Speaker, and International #1 Amazon Best Selling Author.

As a passionate health educator, Dr. Lin is forging the path for functional dentistry to prevent the future generation from experiencing dental disease

His work has been featured on television, print, and radio to a millions of people world-wide. His professional training courses are educating a new wave of healthcare providers apply functional dentistry to help you achieve whole body health.

What the experts say

The future of medicine is interconnected in every way. The oral-systemic link is an obvious example of this greater trend, and I am thrilled to see dentists like Dr. Steven Lin leading the way in showing why we must work together to change the trajectory of healthcare worldwide

James Maskel
Founder of the Evolution of Medicine

Crooked teeth are a sign of a deeper underlying problem. Dr. Lin's book provides a much needed look into the profound impact diet has on dental health. It also provides key strategies for parents to ensure their children have a diet that will support optimal dental and whole body health.

Dr. Michael Ruscio
Functional Medicine Doctor

As an orthodontist that tries to helps kids grow up with straight teeth, I know we have to go back to the basics:breathing ,posture,sleep... and nutrition. From the moment of the first suckle, what we eat and how we eat it is critical to the final outcome of the face,airways, jaws and teeth . Dr. Lin's prescription is just what the doctor should be ordering .

Dr. Barry Raphael ,DMD
Orthodontist Center for integrative Orthodontics