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From the Foreward:

Dr Steven Lin’s book is instrumental in shifting our perspective to complete bodily health and getting to the root cause of disease. No longer will we see our teeth and oral health as merely comprising a warning system for issues with the rest of the body. Instead we will recognize that our teeth and oral health are functional and essential contributors to our overall wellness. The Dental Diet is the first and best guide to helping us understand the mechanisms of oral diseases such as tooth decay, gum disease, and crooked teeth and their effect on our overall health.

Mark Hyman, MD Ten-time #1 New York Times best-seller and author of the forward to The Dental Diet


In a market flooded with health and diet books, why has no one talked about the connection between nutrition and the mouth? Everyone wants a perfect, straight smile with teeth we’re proud to show off, yet our teeth and dental health are in disarray.

Health professionals have known for decades that 85% of people who have heart attacks also have also gum disease. Yet alongside terribly rotten mouths and bleeding gums, 1 in 4 deaths still occur due to cardiovascular disease. A quick peek through our evolutionary history shows that modern dental disease only surfaced during the industrial revolution when the human diet underwent significant change.

Crooked teeth are a sign that facial bones have been starved of the nutrients they need to develop. Cramped, skinny faces restrict airways with weak skeletal support for the head and neck. Tooth decay is a bacterial imbalance in the mouth that communicates with gut bacteria and directly influences your immune system, heart and brain.

Dr. Lin makes a powerful case for not only paying more attention to our dental health, but he makes the case that what is healthy for the mouth, is healthy for our whole being.
Robb Wolf

New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-sellingauthor of The Paleo Solution and Wired to Eat

There’s an epidemic of unhealthy teeth

Despite having access to the best dental care in the world, 43% of American children experience tooth decay. In the US, 4 million kids are fitted for braces each year, and 10 million wisdom teeth are removed.One look into the anthropological record shows that dental disease is a largely modern phenomenon. Mesolithic hunter-gatherers had mouths with little to no cavities or gum disease. Widespread dental disease only surfaced, in fact, during the industrial revolution, when processed foods became prevalent in modernized society.

The dental industry only treats the symptoms

Dentists are fantastically equipped at fixing teeth through expensive treatments, but inept at addressing the cause of disease. Filling cavities and fitting braces is like painting over rotten wood: it only masks over the true scope of the problem.The dental-industrial complex, a $120B industry in the US alone, has unwittingly hidden the key to dental health for years. While dentists continue to superficially fix our teeth in ways that are uncomfortable both physically and financially, the real cost comes from the negative impact of our reactive dental care is having on our overall health, lifespan, and lifestyle.

There’s something deeper at work

Health professionals have known for decades that 85% of people who have heart attacks also have gum disease.Tooth decay is actually caused by abacterial imbalance in the mouth, which directly influences your immune system, digestive system, heart and brain. The latest research shows that crooked teeth are not primarily genetic. In fact, they are a shocking sign that facial bones have been starved of the nutrients they need to develop. This results in cramped, skinny faces that restrict airways, leading to oxygen deficiency that further stunts growth.

Six Myths Revealedin The Dental Diet

Myth #1 : Orthodontic braces are a necessary tool to ensure children grow up with properly aligned teeth.

Truth: Orthodontic braces are masking over one of the biggest health problems on the planet.

Myth #2 : Brushing and flossing are the best preventive methods for dental health.

Truth: Real dental health begins before you even have teeth to brush or floss. Tooth decay is actually a sign that the body is starving of essential nutrients.

Myth #3 : Crooked teeth are genetic, so the only treatment is corrective braces.

Truth: Crooked teeth are actually the result of poor diet, non-functional bodily processes, and incorrect breathing technique.

Myth #4 :Impacted wisdom teeth are genetic, so the only treatment is surgery.

Truth: Impacted wisdom teeth are the result of the jaw not growing properly. This is caused by the same factors that form crooked teeth. In addition to causing impacted wisdom teeth, a poorly formed jaw leads to poorly formed airways.

Myth #5 : Dental disease is a normal part of life and has been normal for all of human history.

Truth: The anthropological record shows that dental disease is a modern phenomenon. It has only recently become “normal.”

Myth #6 : Bleeding gums are purely a dental condition.

Truth: Dental conditions are related to processes that happen throughout the body. Bleeding gums could be a sign of something much more serious happening in your body. Chronic diseases like digestive disorders, auto-immunity, ADHD, type-II diabetes, depression, anxiety, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia may all begin in the mouth



Meanwhile, orthodontic braces, fillings, and tooth whitening are masking the biggest health epidemic on the planet.The Dental Diet gives you the only full-body solution for a healthy mouth.

Find out how to avoid expensive and painful dental visits, raise healthy children with strong teeth and no need for braces, and improve your quality of life.

The Dental Diet is an incredible resource. Grounded in new understandings of the critical importance of the oral micobiome to overall health, Dr. Lin leads the way with a unique action based food plan that is a must read for anyone wanting to enhance oral health and wellbeing.

Dr. Mark Burhenne DDS author of the 8-Hour Sleep Paradox


The mystery of the long lost vitamin
While millions of people take calcium and Vitamin D supplements thinking they’re helping their bones, the truth is, without the addition of Vitamin K2, those supplements could be dangerous. Today most doctors are still unaware that K2 even exists. You certainly won’t find it on any food labels or in dietaryrecommendations. But without Vitamin K2, the body cannot direct calcium where it's needed. Through foods and supplements rich in K2, Dr.Lin shows you how you can prevent dental cavities, heart disease, prostate cancer, liver cancer, diabetes, wrinkles, obesity, varicose veinsand other modern ailments by integrating sources of Vitamin K2 into your diet.

The Language of Bacteria:
How Your Mouth Controls Your Gut

The human microbiome project has only recently discovered the wildlymisunderstood role of how the microbes in your gut control overall health. Studies are now showing exactly how our eating habits influence the body’s overall balance of bacteria. Dr. Lin shares a meaningful action plan that works to balance the populations of bacteriathat live inside your mouth and your gut through a list of supplemental and traditionally-prepared, cultured foods.

My Story

In my dental practice, for many years I saw children and adults alike with diseased teeth. I had fantastic treatment options, for sure, but I began to see that more and more people were flooding in with worse and worse teeth.

Why was it so rare to find children who could successfully grow the 32 teeth their jaws had evolved? I could treat them for now, but it was clear they would turn into adults with gum disease.

Something was very wrong…
I felt as if my life’s work wasn’t significantly changing anything. Dental disease would continue to exist, no matter how many fillings I placed, no matter how many wisdom teeth I extracted.

I realized that there was huge gap between the tools my profession had given me to cosmetically treat these people, and the full-body solution they needed to have not only a healthy mouth, but also a healthy body.

The Dental Diet brings this new paradigm to light and is the first book of its kind to teach people from all walks of life how to prevent dental disease by simply changing what you eat.

The mouth holds secrets to your body…
By using this book’s approach and following the 40-day program you’ll discover principles of biomedical science, the microbiome, and epigenetics all merged with oral health. You will not only be relieving yourself from a lifetime of dental bills, but you will actually be taking the best steps possible to improve your overall health. That includes your risk of chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome and many, many more. Whole health begins in the mouth!

Dr. Steven Lin
Author of The Dental Diet
Who is Dr. Lin?
Dr. Steven Lin is a board-accredited Sydney-based dentist, TEDx speaker, and writer. As passionate health educator, Dr. Lin engages a wide variety of community and institutional programs to grow the awareness of preventative lifestyles. His work has been published to a world-wide audience on the Sydney Morning Herald, MindBodyGreen, Readers Digest, The British Dental Journal, and The Huffington Post.
Dr. Lin is a complete breath of fresh air in the Lifestyle Medicine community. I've personally learnt an enormous amount from his work and I'm thrilled to see that he is creating a book to make this more available to the public.
The dental body connection is fascinating and completes a missing link for many people worldwide. "The Dental Diet"
is a must for every patient and medical practitioner to read and understand for better overall health.

MD and author of The Doctor’s Kitchen

Tabitha’s Story:
The Mouth-Body Connection
saved my life and my relationship
with my son.

After being on Dr Lin’s program for over a year now, I have lost 15kgs. I am not exactly where I want to be but I am so much happier in myself and my appearance. I am no longer insulin resistant!!! My PCOS symptoms are under control and my psoriasis has cleared up, my anxiety that stopped me from doing so much has almost disappeared. But the thing that has made the major difference is my son is happy! for the first two years of my son’s life I honestly doubted if he even liked me, all he seemed to do was scream, Today, he is a happy thriving four year-old who no longer has any detectable allergies, eczema has cleared up and we enjoy spending time together.


I was overweight insulin resistant, psoriasis and general blah, extremely unhappy with myself image and I had a toddler who had multiple allergies and an extremely “spirited” personality. I was struggling, I wasn’t happy with myself and I was often reduced to crying in the bathroom at night after dealing with my son for the day. He was highly strung, mega meltdowns were a constant problem and he was wearing me thin. This is when my quest to heal my child and in turn heal myself began.

I started looking into diet more and making changes, after doing Dr. Lin’s Dental Diet course, I realized food was making me sick, food was making me unhappy and food was making my son unable to cope manifesting in his behaviors. I never realized until the course all the hidden sugars I was eating, what foods like processed wheat was doing to my son and I. That night I went home and i cleaned out my fridge and panty, almost binning everything, I went shopping the next day and started my new life. The eye-opening moment was when I realized that there were signs in my son’s mouth as to why his health and behavior were suffering.

The future of medicine is interconnected in every way. The oral-systemic link is an obvious example of this greater trend, and I am thrilled to see dentists like Dr. Steven Lin leading the way in showing why we must work together to change the trajectory of healthcare worldwide

James Maskel Founder of the Evolution of Medicine

Crooked teeth are a sign of a deeper underlying problem. Dr. Lin's book provides a much needed look into the profound impact diet has on dental health. It also provides key strategies for parents to ensure their children have a diet that will support optimal dental and whole body health.

Dr. Michael Ruscio Functional Medicine Doctor

As an orthodontist that tries to helps kids grow up with straight teeth, I know we have to go back to the basics: breathing, posture, sleep...and nutrition. From the moment of the first suckle, what we eat and how we eat it is critical to the final outcome of the face, airway, jaws, and teeth. Dr. Lin's prescription is just what the doctor should be ordering.

Dr. Barry Raphael, DMD Orthodontist Center for Integrative Orthodontics

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