3 Reasons Your Oral Flora Relate to Your Gut Flora

It’s hard to go a day without hearing something new about how important your gut health is. New research into the role of your intestinal bacteria in your body surfaces nearly daily. It’s shown a close link between our gut microbiome and overall health, too. Your gut health is pivotal to many processes in our […]

Why Allergies Harm Your Kids Dental Health

When I see a kid for their first dental check-up, one of the first things I look for are allergies. You might think: what does that have to do with my kid’s dental health? The answer might surprise you. Allergies can play a crucial role in childhood development of the face, jaw and teeth. Allergies […]

Why the Dental Diet is Good for Your Whole Body

Before I tell you about The Dental Diet, I want to tell you that creating it was by far my biggest breakthrough as a dentist. Why? Because it’s been life changing -for me and my patients. I don’t have to tell you that dental problems hurt. They hurt because they’re down right painful. But they […]