Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body Challenge
Take back your health in 28 days with this 4 simple step challenge. A fully-guided all natural protocol to set you and your family on the path to a healthy smile, a healthy body, and a happier life today.

What if I told you there’s a way to give you and your children strong, healthy teeth without expensive dental visits?

Discover the life-changing, full-body solution that will:

1. Save you from painful dental surgeries
2. Prevent your kids from a future of rotten teeth
3. Make your kids happier and healthier!
4. Reduce the risk of braces
5. Prevent chronic diseases
6. Improve mental focus

Our approach to dental care has been wrong. Discover the new approach to a healthy smile.

Before we go any further,
I have to let you in on a secret…

I’m a dentist, but what I’m about to tell you is not taught in any dental colleges. That’s because modern dentists are taught to FIX disease. We focus on making teeth look good. We don’t treat the root of the problem.

But here’s the secret:

The real key to true health is to prevent oral disease BEFORE they happen. Not wait until braces, and fillings, and painful surgeries are needed. Because those aren’t REAL solutions.Treatments simply mask the truth.

The truth is...

The problems in your mouth are both a signal and a cause of bigger problems in your whole body. The medical profession has known for decades about the connection between gum disease and heart disease. We no longer see diseases like tooth decay and gum disease as ‘infections’. The harmful bacteria that cause these diseases are present due to a lack of the healthy probiotic bacteria that live in your mouth and gut.

So why haven’t we been focusing on developing
a healthy mouth in order to have a healthy body?

The good news is…
You and your children CAN have both strong teeth and a healthy body by following some surprisingly simple steps.

Tabitha’s Story:
The Mouth-Body Connection saved my life and my relationship with my son.

After being on Dr Lin’s program for over a year now, I have lost 33lbs. I am not exactly where I want to be but I am so much happier in myself and my appearance. I am no longer insulin resistant!!! My PCOS symptoms are under control and my psoriasis has cleared up, my anxiety that stopped me from doing so much has almost disappeared. But the thing that has made the major difference is my son is happy! For the first two years of my son’s life I honestly doubted if he even liked me, all he seemed to do was scream. Today, he is a happy thriving four year-old who no longer has any detectable allergies, eczema has cleared up and we enjoy spending time together.


I was overweight insulin resistant, psoriasis and general blah, extremely unhappy with myself image and I had a toddler who had multiple allergies and an extremely “spirited” personality. I was struggling, I wasn’t happy with myself and I was often reduced to crying in the bathroom at night after dealing with my son for the day. He was highly strung, mega meltdowns were a constant problem and he was wearing me thin. This is when my quest to heal my child and in turn heal myself began.
I started looking into diet more and making changes, after doing Dr. Lin’s Dental Diet course, I realized food was making me sick, food was making me unhappy and food was making my son unable to cope manifesting in his behaviors. I never realized until the course all the hidden sugars I was eating, what foods like processed wheat was doing to my son and I. That night I went home and i cleaned out my fridge and panty, almost binning everything, I went shopping the next day and started my new life. The eye-opening moment was when I realized that there were signs in my son’s mouth as to why his health and behavior were suffering.

As a leading fertility expert I advise my clients to mind their oral health as a vital part of achieving pregnancy, & obviating miscarriage and preterm birth. What, and how we eat, impacts fertility fitness. Dr Lin’s approach to oral health shows us how it directly affects general health. In my practice I see this in women and fertility contexts every day from inflammatory conditions like endometriosis to anxiety, depression, and mood. We are truly what and how we eat!

Let me tell you a story

For years in dental practice, my primary message was that people need to clean their teeth better. But my approach wasn’t making a great difference. Very few people brush and floss well, and nearly NO kids do. Instead, I was seeing more and more kids like Milo.

When Milo came into my dental practice, he sat trembling in fear. He was terrified to open his mouth because his jaw was swollen and he was worried I would hurt him more. The reality is that I already knew Milo’s decayed teeth – including some of his new adult ones - would end up on an operating table in a hospital.

Milo was only 6 years old.

As a dentist, I see kids like Milo on a regular basis. Their tiny teeth are rotten and abscessed with infection. Often, the only way to deal with these problems in children is to extract their teeth. Milo will certainly carry this scar for the rest of his life. It’s something that should simply never happen.

Kids like Milo made it obvious that my approach to dental health wasn’t working.

We have a drastic need to change our approach to healthcare that goes right back
to every childhood

As a Pediatric doctor and founder of the thriving child summit, I’m thrilled to recommend Dr Lin’s program. His approach uses the mouth-gut-brain connection which is sadly lacking in modern medicine. Controlling a is truly redefining what we know about the importance of the mouth.
We'd all be lucky to have a dentist like him for our kids! I encourage everyone to take an approach that looks at the whole child! Get started on his program to help your children thrive - body, mind and spirit!
Dr. Elisa Song
Pediatric MD and founder
of the Thriving Child Summit

Do you or your family suffer from any of the following conditions?

Diarrhea, bloating, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome

Lack of focus, poor concentration, poor behavior, depression, anxiety

An integrated solution

Discover how you can eliminate all of these problems while ensuring vibrant oral health for life.

Welcome to drill-free dental care – where you stop the problems long before a drill or needle ever goes near your mouth.

It’s time to reset your body and
release your full health potential!

Discover how an unbalanced mouth transfers to your body.
Use the secrets of a healthy mouth to reprogram the entire body.
Eliminate harmful habits that cause lifelong disease.
Raise healthy kids with strong teeth, no cavities, and no braces.

My own dietary and lifestyle change

After stumbling across an obscure book written in the 1930s, I was awoken to the fact that the modern epidemic of poor dental health is just that – a MODERN epidemic. In fact, the anthropologic record shows that widespread dental disease only really began during the Industrial Revolution. That’s when big changes were made to our diets. For the first time, people began eating processed and highly refined foods. After spending years matching up modern research to the accounts I discovered in that book, I did an experiment on myself.

By standard and accepted measures, there was nothing wrong with my diet. But I knew something had to change because even though I was still young, I was already feeling old and sluggish. My joints were aching, I was sleeping poorly, and I was getting sick frequently.

So I took the radical step of throwing out all the processed foods that had filled my pantry. I quickly realized that I had a very strong but hidden sugar addiction. It was difficult to break, but the results were amazing. I immediately felt stronger, had more energy, and slept better! I felt so good, I knew I had to continue. The benefits kept building, and after a year, I realized I hadn’t been sick. Not once!

The Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body Challenge and The Dental Diet are the culmination of that dentist’s early work, my own experience, research and clinical programs. Patients who took my protocol saw the same life-changing results I did.

I want for you to imagine for a second…
That scientists found a group of people with crippled hands. Three-quarters of their children would grow fingers that were twisted and misshapen. To address the problem, special doctors would cut off their pinky and use a fixed metal wire to straighten the remaining fingers. This scenario sounds ripped from a horror movie. But replace crippled fingers with crooked teeth. And you realize that those people are in fact us. We are a species with amnesia that has forgotten how to feed itself!

The years searching for an answer…
For a long time, a huge part of my practice was reacting to disease. I saw hundreds of children with expensive braces and retainers that forced their teeth into alignment through a long and often painful process. These treatments became normal for many parents and their children. But to me it seemed strange that I had no answer when they asked WHY their child needed braces.

The revelation…
When I finally realized that all this time I was treating a symptom, not the real problem, we were able to make the changes that would lead to life-changing results.
You see, crooked teeth are not – like almost everyone thinks – genetic. They are in fact one of the biggest health problems on the planet. And like most health problems – they are preventable.
The watershed moment was when I realized crooked teeth are caused by a combination of poor diet, poor oral function, and incorrect breathing.

The result…
The Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body Challenge addresses these three factors. We have the power to prevent braces through the day-to-day lifestyle practices. And I’ll help you find a dentist who understands these factors and can guide you to life-long dental health.

STEP 1: Get your personalized blueprint for what your body needs.

You and your family will start by taking the mouth-body quiz. The mouth-body quiz
is designed to identify the three key factors that contribute to dental disease.

The majority of kids and adults alike:

  • Are dangerously deficient in vitamin D
  • Suffer from sleep disorders
  • Have an underlying digestive problem

Improving these three factors is the foundation for happy, smiling children and life-changing health.
The mouth-body quiz will give you the tools you need to fix these common problems. You’ll find out exactly what nutrients are missing based on the results of your test. We’ll discuss the specific supplements individually customized to you and your children’s bodies.
Identifying the problem is the first step to taking control of your health.

STEP 2: Eliminate the foods that cause sickness.

A growing body of scientific evidence reveals that many of the foods we consume regularly are slowly making us sick. Highly processed foods that are unfamiliar to our physiology cause inflammation that leads to bleeding gums, tooth decay and eventually intestinal permeability.
Learn to identify and remove all of the foods that are destroying your health, causing your teeth to decay, giving you chronic bad breath, preventing you from sleeping, and affecting your mood. Do the complete sugar audit. Dispel decades of dietary confusion and misinformation.
Learn how to completely remove processed sugars from your diet within two weeks.
Understand the psychological tricks and get the support your need for overcoming sugar addiction. Access delicious and nutritious recipes for sugar replacement.

STEP 3: Discover the potential of correct breathing.

Most people don’t realize that incorrect breathing can stunt dental growth and challenge the brain. Correct and balanced breathing through the nose allows nitric oxide to regulate blood flow. Once it’s delivered to the lungs, nitric oxide increases oxygen tension and allows delivery to blood cells.

Children who mouth breathe may be at risk of a host of problems:

  • Long, narrow faces and high palate
  • Snoring and behavoral issues
  • Poor concentration and school performance
  • Gummy smiles
  • A large overbite and crowded teeth poor posture
  • In adults mouth breathing can lead to life-long
  • disease.

In adults, these can include:

  • Bad breath
  • Gingivitis and dental cavities
  • Sleep apnea
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart attacks
  • Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

STEP 4: Get on the path to building a healthy body and having a healthy mouth.

With all of the fundamentals in place from the first three steps, we will prime you to build a healthy mouth and have the healthy body you deserve.
In the final stage, you’ll simply follow the complete, detailed food guide – showing you delicious and nutritious foods that will boost your energy and improve your dental health.

As your body heals and finally begins to run the way it was designed, you will:

  • Sleep better
  • Lose weight
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Prevent future dental treatment
  • Feel fantastic

Learn how to finally breathe the way your body was designed

Discover natural solutions to clear your sinuses of blockages and mucous. Follow the step-by-step breathing guide and daily breathing exercises that will reboot your system and set you on the path to vitality.


You’ll find fun and motivating games for kids like:

1. The Chomp Challenge to build tongue strength
2. The Submarine Game! to help kids build tolerance to holding their breath.

Your kids will develop correct breathing style that will put
them on the path to a healthy body and a healthy mouth!

Join us for 28-days that will change your life.

About Dr. Steven Lin

A board registered dentist trained at the University of Sydney, Dr. Lin is also trained in Biomedical Science. He has spent the last 10 years investigating the role of nutrition in dental health. He is the author of The Dental Diet and has worked in a wide variety of community and education programs such as TEDx, Macquarie University, Mompedia, the Australian Breastfeeding Association, and Life Education Australia to build preventative focused healthcare systems for the public.
A leader in the functional dental movement, Dr. Lin’s training problem teaches dentist in nutrition to integrate a preventative approach to oral healthcare practice.

The 7 module 28-day program will cover:

Supplementation for dental health
The most important nutrients for your teeth and body based on your own CHOMP test.

Harmful Foods and Shopping Guide
Break your bad habits with a step by step cupboard cleanse and healthy eating shopping guide.

Reset your breathing and nervous system for a calm mind, better sleep, and strong immune system.

The practical and supportive system to release yourself from the grips of sugar addiction.

A planning and how-to guide to delicious, healthy meals for a busy schedule.

The at-home mouth assessment and exercise set
Understand the functional habits that impact your mouth every moment of the day.

Find a functional health practitioner
After completing the program, we will judge your needs and explain the best combination of practitioners for you. You’ll finally find a dentist or doctor that understands the mouth-body connection, so you can get the support you need.

Learn at home, at your own pace

Why I’ve put it together in a program that you can access right from the comfort of your own home.

The Dental Diet is the culmination of my stunning realization that crooked teeth
are caused by food. It took many years of research across ancestral records, the human microbiome, and epigenetics to understand this was the case, but the results were undeniable. The dental disease epidemic has one simple solution: eat the right food!
We are fantastically in charge of our long term health (if you know the right ways to go about it).

What the experts say

The future of medicine is interconnected in every way. The oral-systemic link is an obvious example of this greater trend, and I am thrilled to see dentists like Dr. Steven Lin leading the way in showing why we must work together to change the trajectory of healthcare worldwide
James Maskel
Founder of the Evolution of Medicine
Dental health is almost a forgotten topic when we think about our overall health, but what if the health of our teeth and gums could alert us to problems like diabetes and Alzheimer’s? Dr. Lin makes a powerful case for not only paying more attention to our dental health, but he makes the case that what is healthy for the mouth, is healthy for our whole being.
Robb Wolf
2x NYT and WSJ Best selling author of the Paleo Solution
As an orthodontist, long ago, I saw the limitations of simply straightening teeth to improve a patient’s smile. Over the last few decades I have witnessed a paradigm shift in the focus of the dental industry through both speaking internationally and training thousands of dentists in the importance of functional airway dentistry. I believe the next step is for the profession to further integrate preventative steps, which is being led by Dr. Lin’s nutrition program to address the malocclusion epidemic.
Dr. Derek Mahony
BDS(Syd), MScOrth(Lon),
DOrthRCS(Edin), MDOrthRCPS(Glas),
MOrthRCS(Eng), FRCD(Can),

The 28-day Healthy Mouth,
Healthy Body Challenge

A program based on real success with real patients
All the recipes you’ll need to enjoy delicious and nutritious food

The Mouth-Body Quiz: get supplements customized to your body

Nasal Airway Assessment: find out if you’re breathing clearly

Breathing techniques: exercises that will improve your focus and reset your health

Video tutorials: to guide you through the exercises

Track your progress: a guide to help you along the way

Community support: a private Facebook Group with others also enrolled in Healthy Body, Healthy Mouth.

Bonus material: Sugar reduction diet, The Tongue-Tie Book and Mom’s Guide to Straighter, Stronger, Whiter Teeth.

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