The Dental Diet

Eating For Your Mouth, Body and Mind

Your family’s dental history could point to your future health

Has anyone in your family ever required braces? How about wisdom teeth removal or tooth decay? If you’ve answered yes in either of these instances then you could be missing important insights into how your health, which is dependent upon your diet, is in critical danger.

An Age Old Saying…

The old adage of “You are what you eat” has never been more backed up with modern science than it is today. Quite simply, what you put into your mouth has direct consequences on your health; however more over, and what researchers are establishing, is that our very foundations, our DNA, and is being affected by our food choices.

So why, if everyone is aware of how diet affects health, are we not all healthy? The answer to this would very much depend on how you define health. For example, life expectancies within the western world are steadily increasing, however this may no more be an indicator of health than an extension of sickness through improved technology and medical treatments.

What if we then look to increasingly more common conditions, such as asthma, mental disorders, digestive intolerances, obesity, diabetes and cancer? It would seem that we’re not becoming healthier, instead, the opposite is happening: our health and lives are deteriorating and our reliance upon medical treatments that silence, delay or dull, rather than finding the cause, is compounding our situation.

A New Approach To Health Through Old Perspective

The Hippocratic Oath is a way of life, yet the thinking behind it was lost

Every Doctor takes the Hippocratic Oath and thereby dedicates their life to helping others. Yet it seems that the medical professional has long forgotten this father of medicine’s works and beliefs. Hippocrates very much believed in healthy nutrition as a cornerstone of medicine, indeed he thought it the best form of medicine. However his instructions to others of ‘heal the patient with food’ are words lost in time.

Another long forgotten health innovator, Weston A Price, identified this exact problem in the 1930’s with his published work ‘Nutrition And Degenerative Disease’, which explored the direct link between dental diseases and the modern industrialised food consumption.

However in 2015, hope for Dr Price’s vision is emerging as a new and exciting health field known as Nutrigenomics. A line of scientific thinking that explores the way food communicates with our genes to make them carry messages of either health or disease.

Key to this is appreciating that our mouths and dental disease, like tooth decay, crooked teeth and wisdom teeth problems can be the first line indicators of overall health, and from this we can adapt a diet that changes our future longevity and wellbeing.

Nutrition, Dental Disease And Our Body

By understanding the many nutritional principals that govern our health, we can prevent and control dental diseases that are often considered inevitable; and through these factors we can promote the normal development of our mouths, prevent dental disease and allow us to reach our true potential in health and well being.

The Dental Diet is an exploration of ancestral diet, genetics and nutritional health based on the pioneering work of Dr Weston A Price and his voyage of discovery of dental disease as a cardinal sign of degenerative disorders caused by the industrialised modern diet.

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